Best Water Heaters For Hard Water Reviews 2019

Hard water can be really an irritation, shortening the life of the water heating unit every so often. Not just does it leave deposits that make the Tankless water heater maintenance more frequent, but it also has the tendency of jamming your heater, thereby, decrease the heating efficiency. In addition to razzing the pipes and taps in the kitchen and bathroom, it can have a damaging effect on the appliances. Therefore, waters heating units are now particularly manufactured for withstanding the hard water. In this post, we’ll discuss a few best hot water heater for hard water reviews.

Best Hot Water Heaters For Hard Water Reviews 2019

Best Water Heaters For Hard Water 2019:

What Is The Hardness Of Water?

The water hardness is calculated by the mineral content in it, mainly magnesium and calcium. It happens when the water comes in contact with different rock formations as it penetrates into the ground.

Its concentration differs relying on the area where the water is collected, before being treated, and then distributed to the house. Water rich in magnesium and calcium is said to be hard. In contrast, water that has very little of such minerals is known to be soft.

How Does The Hard Water Affect Your Water Heater?

As mentioned earlier, the hard water is full of minerals, mainly comprising calcium and magnesium. Such minerals fuse to the sides of your hot water heater, scaling it. They’re small white elements, observable with the naked eye. Once they begin building up on your water heater’s wall, they decrease the water heater’s life. It does not matter whether the water heater is a tankless one or has a tank; either type is at risk of scaling as a result of the water hardness.

However, the tankless water heating units are lesser prone to that, and here we are going to discuss a list of the best tankless water heaters for hard water. There are a lot of methods you can assist in keeping the water heater from scaling, though. One of the most helpful methods of maintaining the water heater and eliminating all elements before they begin building up on the insides of your container is flushing.

How Can You Test The Water Hardness?

There’re a lot of methods of measuring the hardness of water:

  • You can examine it yourself using a water testing kit (sold in hardware or online, aquarium and pool stores). The included testing strips will change the color relying on the water hardness tested.
  • Consult the water supplier or the town, directly.
  • Have your water tested in a lab.
  • Search for it on the web. A newspaper article, a municipal newsletter, or a survey, done by the water quality association might have addressed the issue formerly!

The Best Hot Water Heaters For Hard Water Reviews 2019:

The following is a list of best hot water heater for hard water reviews. These will not just offer you with hot water during the wintry weather but also fight back the jamming reasoned by the hard water.

This model is a tankless option; the Sio Green IR30 water heating device is one of the top options for heating your hard water.

Best Sio Green IR30 POU Hot Water Heaters For Hard Water 2019 Reviews

Since the water heater’s mechanism doesn’t engage heating using a metal, there’s no worry for limescale or corrosion and calcium loudening, thereby decreasing the amount of maintenance needed. The design of this water heating device is compact, which permits you to install it anywhere in your house you want.

It might not be big adequate for catering to the entire home, but it’s certainly a good supplement or addition to the existing water heating requirements. Heating just the needed water and come with easy to fit instructions, this model is a great water heating choice. There’re certain advantages and disadvantages of the tankless hot water heaters, but this machine beats all the disadvantages.

  • Rheem RTGH-95DVLN 9.5 Gallons Per Minute:

This amazing tankless water heater is extremely easy to utilize. You can set it utilizing a remote-controlled panel that can also shows the error codes to you if any.

best Rheem RTGH-95DVLN 9.5 Gallons Per Minute Hot Water Heater For Hard Water Reviews 2019

This model is also comparatively quieter than the majority of other water heating units that make too much noise while heating your water. This unit is ninety-four percent energy-efficient, promising the constant hot water and lower bills. Even better, the water temp remains steady because of the electronic controls that guarantee even heating.

The size of your water is small adequate for fitting into the cupboard. Since this model is tankless, it’s better suitable to be fitted in places with hard water. With great performance and simple maintenance, the Rheem RTGH-95DVLN model is one of the best water heating devices for hard water.

  • Stiebel Eltron 224199:

Being a pioneer in tankless heating technology, this device is one of the most dependable products available in the market. Model 224199 has a solid and compact design, which doesn’t need additional space or venting.

Best Hot Water Heaters For Hard Water Reviews Stiebel Eltron 224199

The great thing about this machine is that it has astonishing energy-saving potential and can really assist you in saving on the energy bills.

Without any decrease in the water flow, the water heating device is capable of providing constant hot water for as long as you desire. It’s available in diverse sizes to suit individual requirements according to your household size. This model, with digital temp control options and simple fitting, is absolutely one of the best water heating machines for hard water.

This water heating machine comes with a mini-tank of 2.5, four, or seven gallons, whichever meets your requirement best. It’s very convenient and sleek looking to be fitted anywhere you want;

Bosch Tronic 3000 T

you can also set it on the floor, on your shelf, or even mounted on your wall. Furthermore, it’s extremely convenient to fit without any professional assistance as the model is lightweight, portable, and durable.

It is also recognized for heating up the water at lightning pace. In addition to this, it’s capable of maintaining the water temp for a significantly long time once the set shows that it has reached the “perfect” temp. The mini-tank is energy-efficient and doesn’t append much to your gas bill. Also, if you maintain it regularly, it is ideal for hard water.

  • Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG:

Being a Japanese brand, there’s nothing short of excellence that you can anticipate from this water heating machine. It’s small in size but can simply heat the water and maintain it even at the higher temp.

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG

The remote panel assists in controlling the water temp, and the water flow rate, etc. simply. This Takagi model has a tempting design so it can be fitted anywhere in your home, whether over your counter or hidden.

With the maintenance needed once every year for cleaning out any type of buildup, it is great for hard water usage. This Takagi model has a thermistor at the input as well as output points out to help maintain the water temp efficiently. It also has a ten-year warranty for residential usage and five years for commercial usage.

  • EcoSmart ECO 27:

This electric unit has a sleek and compact design that can be simply fitted anywhere in your house you want. With the advanced technological and great insulation process, the device saves up on energy prices by up to fifty percent.

EcoSmart ECO 27

It has a user-friendly temp button and an adjustable water flow rate. It is particularly appropriate for the colder regions where the temp can go below forty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

This simple to utilize device has a lifetime warranty and boasts of the energy efficiency of 99.8 percent. For all those who are searching for water heating unit brands that not just resolves the hard water issue, but can also assist in saving energy, this machine is a great choice.

Why Descaling The Tankless Water Heater Can Save It From The Hard Water?

Both tankless water heating units and conventional water heating units are unhelpfully impacted by the limescale build-up. But with the tankless units, the heat exchanger of the device will have to work harder than required for heating your water. That is because the heating exchanger will become caked with the limescale, which will stop it from moving heat as proficiently.

Here Are A Few Of The Effects Of Limescale:​

  • The heating exchanger will not get to the potential service life of the unit and has to be replaced.​
  • The heating exchanger will have to work harder for heating your water because it’s caked with limescaling. It’ll ultimately overheat.
  • As the limescale built-up boosts, the burner cycles of the heating exchanger also boost for compensating for the lost efficiency. The tankless unit is no longer saving cash on the fuel bills because of the lack of efficiency.
  • An error code can be activated for shutting down the device. A proficient plumber will have to be called for getting the device up and running again.
  • Brand warranties don’t cover damage reasoned by the limescale build-up.

Flushing your tankless unit is critical for keeping it working and reaching its potential service life. Brand recommendations differ, but most propose every twelve months.​ But after some time, the frequency ought to be determined by the house owner and the decision ought to mainly be based on the water hardness of the region. You can buy such reasonably priced test strips for checking the mineral content of the water.

Final Thoughts:

If you live in a region that is prone to the hard water, you might desire to contemplate fitting a whole home water softener; as such systems will not just protect the tankless device, but also the other appliances, plumbing, and faucets. All the tankless heaters and even the conventional ones ought to have a sediment filter fitted for filtering the incoming water. We suggest fitting a scale inhibitor to the machine, particularly if the hard water is a concern in the region.

Remember that without the water softener, regular upholding and flushing can keep the tankless device running competently. However, such tasks can become onerous, particularly in extremely hard water areas. Be certain to employ a trustworthy company if you do not plan on doing this job yourself. You can also choose a tankless unit from the best hot water heater for hard water reviews we have mentioned here. Remember that there’re a lot of diverse options accessible for treating the hard water. You ought to be capable of locating a way that best meets the budget and situation.You can also check more product reviews in reviews category.