The Best Sio Green IR30 POU Tankless Water Heater Reviews 2020

The tankless electric water heater was invented in the beginning of the twentieth century. Though they’ve changed a bit, using contemporary technology and becoming more competent, there’re some companies who’re inventing the newer versions. Sio Green is a brand that has invested a substantial amount of effort and time into making their own version of point-of-use and whole-house tankless water heaters.

Best Sio Green IR30 POU Tankless Water Heater Review:

We have chosen this pioneering producer to demonstrate to you the other options available. In this Sio Green IR30 POU review, you’ll learn about the technology utilized in this device, as well as the performance you can anticipate. We’ll also give you information regarding the application, warranty, advantages, disadvantages, and more.

Varying Temp Adjustments: 

Being capable of simply adjust the temp on the water heater is something that’s not doable in each water heater, tankless or tank. The Sio Green tankless water heating systems have four power levels. For adjusting the temp, this tankless unit comes with a water flow regulator. The water heater can regulate from five-amps all the way to thirty-amps. Functioning between 0.85-3.4kW, the four power levels can simply control the water and provides you a sufficient range of temps.

Sio Green has made a smart tankless water heating device that can continually monitor the temp. The Thermo couple also serves as the anti-scald protection for your device. It permits the high heating capabilities for consistently supplying the heated water on demand. These tankless water heaters do have safety measures like the high limit temp safety cutoff. The LED temp outlet is an obvious display that leaves no bewilderment on the set temp.

Advanced Heating Capabilities:

The Sio Green is the infrared tankless water heating machine. This infrared heating design utilizes one hundred and ten volts for heating the water without the usage of metallic coils. With patent technology, it comes with a quartz heating tube. This quartz tube can inject the heating British Thermal Units for heating your water, eliminating the requirement for the standard coils other tankless units may utilize. There’re numerous advantages to not having the metallic coils within the device. Utilizing quartz provides your water heater fast thermal properties within its heating tubes. The quartz material is a recyclable, capable of lasting for years and reduces bacteria within your water.

The far-infrared energy is safe, appending to the eco-friendly appeal of your device. It’s possible with an extra coating to the outside of your machine. With this going through this kind of energy, it conditions the hard water deposits. With the metallic coils reasoning algae, corrosion, and limescale, the elimination of such coils just appends to the long life of your heater.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Sio Green IR30 POU Tankless Water Heater:


  • No maintenance
  • Quartz-based heating tubes signify no mineral build-up
  • User manual
  • Has several applications


  • Low flow rate limits what the fixtures can be utilized with your water heater


This tankless water heating machine is one of the best options available in case you’re searching for a POU water heater for the RV or for the office sink. It is budget-friendly on top of its best performance. We highly suggest that you try this device out for the POU application!

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